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Fermented Seasoning

Sake Mirin (Sake for Cooking)
Fermented Seasoning
Sweet sake for seasoning

Made of a refined Junmai brew, this high-end fermented seasoning sake possesses the benefits of both sake and Mirin.

Cooking with this product helps eliminate raw odors (such as the scent of fish) while emphasizing the subtle flavors of any dish and enriches flavors. The mirin contains glucose and other forms of sugars that gives your cooking a natural sweetness and magnificent glaze.

Junmai Cooking Alcohol
Fermented Seasoning
Junmai syuzou cooking sake

Made of a refined Junmai brew, this high-end fermented seasoning sake is specifically designed to bring out the flavors of any dish and softens meats while suppressing their odors to illuminate zest of your cuisine.

Yamaya’s Mentaiko (spicy pollack roe) is steeped in an elixir using Kitaya’s 100% Rice Sake.


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