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清酒 喜多屋 菰樽(金ラベル)

清酒 喜多屋 菰樽(金ラベル)

This product is the barrel-size of our Honjozo Kitaya, which polishes the rice down to 70% before brewing. The drink is crisp and light. This barrel is sure to spread joy to many in any festive occasion. The 36 L orders come in our 72 L barrel (which fit four Tobin) with a raised barrel bed, and 18 L orders come in our 32 L barrel (which fit two Tobin) with a raised barrel bed.

冷酒 常温 ぬる燗 上燗


甘口       辛口


淡麗       濃醇
100% Rice from Japan Polished to 70%
  • 72L   110,000円 
  • 36L   65,000円 
  • 18L   40,000円 
  • 36L (Big)  70,000円 
  • 18L (Big)  50,000円 
  • 1.8L   3,500円 



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