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大吟醸 極醸 喜多屋

大吟醸 極醸 喜多屋

Kitaya’s masterpiece awarded the 1st Place
Champion sake at the IWC 2013 in London
against 583 other Japanese sake products.

Using high quality “Yamada-Nishiki” rice in
Fukuoka and polished down to 35%.
Also fermented in very controlled temperature.
The IWC praised it as rich and mellow but
carrying clear taste with elegant aroma.

冷酒 常温 ぬる燗 上燗


甘口       辛口


淡麗       濃醇
Yamada Nishiki 100% Polished to 35%
  • 1800ml   11,000円 
  • 720ml   4,730円 


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