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The Brewing Process

HomeThe Brewing Process

  • For the Process of Making Japanese Sake, Click Here

How Sweet Potato Shochu is Made

  • First Step, First Step, Rice Koji
  • Second Preparatory Step
  • Processing Sweet Potatoes
  • Steaming Sweet Potatoes
  • Earthenware Crocks Preparation
  • Mormoi (Mash)
  • Distillation

First Step, Rice Koji

Water is prepared by adding rice koji and yeast.

The moromi mash from this first step is transferred to large earthenware crocks.

After about a week, the first moromi stage is completed.

Preparing the Sweet Potatoes

The Kogane Sengan sweet potatoes, from Minami Satsuma in Kagoshima, are meticulously washed. All stems and imperfections are removed.
The skin is peeled off selected potatoes for the Jinku product line.

Steaming Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes are then steamed for about an hour and a half.
Once steamed, the potatoes are crushed down to a mash and combined with the moromi from the initial process into a large tank.

Prepared in Large Earthenware Crocks

All the contents are transferred to another set of earthenware crocks and laid to ferment for eight days.

Moromi Mash

The gasses produced by the fermentation naturally saturate the Moromi Mash, evenly conducting heat throughout the mash.


The liquid is then transferred to two small atmospheric distillation units specifically designed to distill quickly for the Jinku product line.

Traditional Techniques, Advanced Technologies


There are plenty of amazing technologies onsite. While standard education is very important, understanding the logic behind these technologies first hand is the first step in the learning and passing down of our traditions.

We regularly hold seminars with the Sake Brewers Association so as to ever improve Fukuoka Prefecture’s standards.

Good Japanese sake enriches your diet and is of significant cultural heritage.


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